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A free service for developing countries aimed to support researchers
by providing documentation in Mathematics and Computer Science

The adress of Bordeauxthèque :
- Bibliothèque de Recherche Mathématiques et Informatique -
- Université Bordeaux 1 -
351 cours de la Libération  -  F - 33405 Talence
Tel : (33) 5 40 00 61 25   -   Fax (33) 5 40 00 61 24
http: //bordeauxtheque.math.u-bordeaux1.fr

On demand and under certain conditions
the Bordeauxthèque service can produce
eclectronic versions
of articles for researches of foreign countries


How to use Bordeauxthèque and history
of the service

The Charter of


Charte - pdf

thèque benefits from the rich documentary found of the BMI
(Bibliothèque de mathématiques et d'informatique
Uuniversity of Bordeaux 1)
 one of the most important French libraries
for those two sciences
Subscription form
to Bordeauxtheque

Catalog of journals
available at the BMI

Online form
article requests

This project is supported by :

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